How cold and unfriendly the last month of the year would seem to us if it did not include the day of St. Nicholas, which marks the beginning of New Year and Christmas holidays? We are always looking forward to the night shifting from 18th to 19th of December, when the kindest of all saints, St. Nicholas, enters every house to put a present under our pillow. The naughty children get a silver rod, while the obedient ones receive a long-awaited surprise.

But not only children love this holiday. Adults are also waiting for the gifts from St. Nicholas! And what would be the most versatile gift for them? Yes! The right answer is an exquisite perfume!

Therefore, we have chosen the best perfumes for you to surprise your family with wonderful gifts and turn their holiday into a winter fairy tale!

  • Polonez Lovely
  • Lviv Lady
  • Love you

  • Dekameron Perfect
  • Lviv Batyar
  • Be happy