With the approach of New Year holidays, it is time to choose gifts for your family and friends. Indeed, the best presents for this occasion are considered to be perfumes. Our fragrances are a great opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of everyday routine and add a bit of something new into your life.

This article will introduce you to the most beloved perfumes of our customers and the best collections of our brand.

The first perfume on the list is Polonez Lovely, an incredible floral scent with a touch of fruity notes that will add brightness to your image and will be perfect for both evening and daytime.

Eclectic Love Inn also complements the floral collection, coloring your life with shades of lilac, peony, green tea and cedar. This perfume will be a wonderful gift, surrounding its owner with fresh and sweet aromas that will accompany her every day.

For a spectacular evening look we offer Lady Coquette perfume. Patchouli and bergamot notes will be a great accessory for you. Vanilla plume with hints of rose and orange will add mysteriousness and refinement to your evening.

New to our collection is Miss Boss Deep Purple. This perfume is suitable both for daytime and for the evening of the cold season. A mixture of ginger, cedar and vanilla gives a feeling of home comfort and warmth, complementing the aroma of black currant and orange.

The citrus-floral shades of Polonez Enigma are perfect for young girls. Light notes of bergamot, lime, jasmine and greens will fill their image with romance and summer memories.

Beau Sancy A la mode will help any woman to conquer men’s hearts. This perfume exudes independence, self-sufficiency and boundless beauty. During the day or in the evening, this unique scent will forever be remembered by any man.

The daytime perfume category also includes Beau Sancy Mon Amore. This fragrance opens with a fruity-floral bouquet of lily of the valley, magnolia, apple and grapefruit.

An incredible blend of jasmine, violet, white freesia, pepper, sandalwood and leather in the Lovecoast perfume will add a veil of sophistication and mystery to any girl.
Our list of perfumes includes even more options that will be an excellent gift for your dear people for the winter holidays. Whatever you choose from our collection, be sure that this gift will become special, because it will forever remain in the memory of your loved ones as an aroma associated with the time of family comfort, pleasant surprises, winter holidays and unforgettable memories.
Our consultants will be happy to help you choose a perfect gift. You can contact us by phone numbers listed on our website, or by leaving a message, and we will be happy to assist you.
Happy holidays!